Op. 4: Get Into Our Brains

Motivating yourself to do work after a period of relaxation is always so hard. Musicians, like athletes, also have to get back into shape after holidays. We discuss different methods we each used to return to practicing and playing after time off. 

From stereotypes to comparing our upbringing, we focus on how our ethnicity influences us as musicians and people. Are there advantages of being Asian? Disadvantages? Come find out. 

Having a limited amount of time is tough, especially when you have lots to do. How do you prioritize what to practice? How much time do you actually have to practice? 

The countdown begins once you have an exam date. Scales, technical exercises, etudes, pieces…countless hours spent preparing. Good luck! 

Solo recital versus ensemble performance - is there a difference and what’s the difference? And do you prepare for each differently? 

Welcome to our virtual practice room! Take a peek inside our heads with access to our thoughts and reactions as we practice on air.