Op. 1: Music School

Real and raw, just for you! Recount tales of days in music school with Carrie and Joanna, and find out how a decade old special friendship began when they accidentally stumbled upon a mutual love.

Oh the nightmares and successes...find out what we learned during our very different approaches to the application & audition processes so you’re better prepared for yours!

Part 1 of the Myths v.s. Reality mini-series. We’ll be bursting some music school bubbles here - join us to hear of the harsh truths we learned.

Ever misplaced music just before a concert? We have! Don’t miss this heart-pounding retelling of a story in part 2 of the Expectations v.s. Reality mini-series.

To sleep or study? We’ve all been there. Listen in and be comforted in knowing you’re not alone. Plus, stay tuned for tried and true tips in this last part of our Expectations v.s Reality mini-series.

We’re better together - we couldn’t have gotten this far without each other. Join us in this heartwarming episode of friendship & support.