Sharing our journey as musicians. We've got stories, funny and touching, to share with you. Drop by and listen in!

Join Carrie and Joanna, two best friends, as they give you a unique insider's access to their journey of becoming classical musicians. Get ready for some surprising reveals and never-before-shared secrets as they recount the saga of their music school days.

Sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes it gets really hard. In this season we explore why it’s important to keep the channels of communication open, the constant risk of burnout, and how it affects us as musicians.

We have some fun as the weather gets hotter where we are! Talking about some lesser discussed topics and testing ourselves to see how smart we are to find out whether or not we’re just full of hot air.

Who wants to focus and work hard? Not us! But sometimes we’ll have to. Join us this season as we discuss how we handled challenges and roadblocks.